Our RAJAMMATRIMONY.COM is headquarters in THALAINAYAR - 614712. All the people in our center can post their benefits.There is no broker commission and no agent. Biodata and horoscope is enough to register. It is desirable to register with the photographer. You can also post the bonuses through our office, post or website. Registration Number and Secret Code will be issued to the recipients of the website in the course of the next three days./ immediately. You will need to pay the service fee to get the address and phone number of the website chosen. Service fees can be paid in our office, in the bell or in our bank account. Those who pay the bailiff or our bank account must immediately tell us the details. Postal payment with service fees should be paid to obtain details of the passports through post. The details of the benefits of service and postage payments will be sent within three days. Provide information about our service obligations. It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to decide and decide on the visions. Let us know when the marriage is over.

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