Please Contact to Admin if you find any misuses...

REPORT VIOLATION We work with cyber police to take into custody people who misuse our services. We need your support and co-operation to stop violation. You can alert us by sending an e-mail to and we will take necessary action. Also, while reporting such complaints, please provide all evidence including any e-mail (Full header of the e-mail) you may have received.

Note: We will not disclose your identity to the miscreant

Some examples of violation:

1. If a member sends you obscene or inappropriate e-mails. 2. If you suspect a member's profile to be obscene or fraudulent. 3. If a member is sending you harassing e-mails. 4. If you suspect a member's photograph is not real.Report Misuse Contact Us Need Help? 5. If you notice any other business / individual trying to solicit you with ads or other material

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